Mobile Applications Development

The two most popular operating systems to develop for are iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad) and Android (HTC, Samsung, etc.) and cover over 95% of the smart-device market worldwide.

That means in order to cover the largest possible market share of smartphone users within reasonable costs you may need to consider software development for both the iOS and Android platforms. This is especially true for business apps.

Our team specialize in App Development for Android & iOS. Our development process is a hybrid between Waterfall Methodology and Agile Methodology.


Market Insight:

The Android Operating System is forever growing in popularity. Android has a world wide penetration rate of 78% (at the time of 09/2014 – get the latest stats here) and recently crossed the 50% mark in Australia. This leaves iOS (iPhone & iPad) at only 17% worldwide and 45% in Australia.

That makes the Google platform an ever competitive space to target.

We’ll help you identify where your market is, which platform you need to invest into and how to build your application for maximum engagement. If iPhone development is a more feasible fit for your company then our app development strategists will simply point that out.


Market Insight:

It’s no lie that iPhone users (a) use more apps, (b) buy more apps, and (c) spend more in apps. In fact, the vast majority of money transacted across the mobile operating system’s native payment gateways is via iOS (iPhone and iPad).

iPhone App Development has been by far the most lucrative development path for nearly 70% of total mobile app developers. In saying that Android app development is ever on the rise and with a 86% penetration rate in India and 78% worldwide. That makes it worth keeping an eye on.